Hueb’s “Top 5 Trends of 2018”

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If we learned anything in 2017, it’s that nothing should be labeled as unexpected. And now that the New Year has officially arrived…we couldn’t be more thrilled! The beginning of the year is the time of reinvention, experimenting, taking chances, and reaching goals. Even among these new changes happening in our lives, we couldn’t resist transitioning our thoughts to jewelry.  

See below the five major trends that are standing out at Hueb! See what you should wear, how you should wear it, and where to get it (ahem, our store­) and gain a different perspective on resolutions that are all about style!



Statement Jewels

When you wear a piece of jewelry that is bold and makes a statement, it does more than attracting the attention of onlookers…it makes you feel empowered. Whether the statement is in dynamic gemstones set amongst diamonds, organic cut pearls, or the most intricate of designs, statement pieces are exactly what you need to set your year off right.  






Stacking of Cuffs and Rings

When it comes to doubling, tripling or quadrupling (and, promise you can keep going) of any piece of jewelry…it can be a bit overwhelming. We might ask ourselves, “Am I going overboard?” And while that is a valid question when stepping outside of the “singular” box, the answer is no. Take delicate bangles or necklaces and layer them for a chic, modern twist on your everyday wear. More is more!




Mix and Matching

This is one of our favorite trends because we love that Hueb creates Collections that are made for mix and matching…always. Having pieces that can go together to create a unique look is exactly what you need to perfect this trend. Don’t be afraid to wear large cuffs stacked in different gold hues, or pile on rings with completely opposites aesthetics. The diversity is wanted more than you know when it comes to making a mix n’ match impact.




Rose Gold

Rose gold is simple, classic and romantic. There is something that is so beautiful about this tone that really deserves it’s time to shine! If this is a gold hue that is not in your jewelry box; now is the time to introduce it (it doesn’t hurt it looks great on everybody). Rose gold is a great way to stand out and then also do something different than what you are accustomed to. Remember that the New Year is all about change. You are ready for change. Hueb has the change.




Intense Colors

Go ahead, paint the town red (or green, or blue, or purple… you get the point)! The color forecast for 2018 is in: bright, bold hues are exactly what you need on your gemstone palate. Color shouldn’t just be saved for the summer months; introduce it now even when the weather is dreary. Not only will your mood change, but you’ll be setting a major trend along the way (we’ll let you take the credit)!

Now that you have our “Top 5 Jewelry Trends for 2018”, explore our website to see the pieces that are perfect for your newfound jewelry attire! We’ll be sure to add them to our list!

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