New Year, New Collection: MODA OPERANDI X HUEB

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We are starting off the New Year with pure jewelry magic, and what better way than unveiling the newest addition to the Hueb Collection family.

We are excited to introduce the Moda Operandi x Hueb Exclusive Capsule (We know. This is major)! Moda Operandi has collaborated with us to create a Collection that is going to send every Hueb woman into a jewel-induced frenzy.

Channeling our most popular designs as a foundation, we have created pieces with a floral motif and delicate accents. Diamonds and four featured gemstones (aquamarines, emeralds, tanzanite and pink sapphires) saturate a Collection you will want to get your hands on. Read below to find out what gemstone in the new capsule is the perfect fit for the woman you are, and see where you can get them!


Aquamarine is the perfect stone for the woman that is the epitome of sophisticated, feminine, and embracer of the classics. If you aren’t afraid to add a little zest in your style, this is the perfect antidote to offset your clean and professional panache…one jewel at a time.


Tanzanite is exactly what you need when you want to feel empowered and bold…and this is exactly how to describe the woman who wears it. If you are not afraid to let your inner light shine and even give trends a run for their money; then these tanzanite pieces are specifically for you. Hey, trendsetter!


We love the exploration of self, and Pink Sapphire is the perfect gemstone to portray that. These pieces were created for the woman that is peaceful, calm, and possesses a serenity only few know how to convey. If you love simplistic and delicate jewelry that make a profound statement; then it is time to go pink!


Who doesn’t like an Emerald? Whenever we see the Hueb woman wearing this gemstone, we automatically know that she has freshness and vitality that is contagious. Yes, you! The one who doesn’t shy away from color and loves to make a statement with conversation pieces. You’re the type that embodies a fun nature, a compassionate soul, and a style that is all your own. What are boundaries when it comes to you? Do you, girl!  

It is pretty obvious this new Collection is all about the stylish woman that is naturally themselves. When you put together the Hueb woman x Moda Operandi woman…well, you get a powerful mix of style and statement that doesn’t really need an explanation.

The MODA OPERANDI X Hueb Exclusive Capsule Collection exudes refinement and elegance so that no matter what trends are dominating the runway, these pieces will always be timeless. Now that you’ve found the gemstone for your style, shop below the pieces that are unique to you!


As the Marketing Director of Hueb, Soigne Kothari is tackling a busy career and still having fun. With a love of fashion, food, travel, and fitness; New York is her oyster.

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