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The universe is a vast place and spans for eternity, establishing a significant and untouched domain of beauty and power that many are unable to comprehend. That is what was in mind when creating the Astro Collection. It was designed for the imagination of the future…for the women that wears it.


Where we go from here is up to us. Individually and collectively. The Astro Collection is to remind us as a guide and touchstone for the years ahead as it brings color, strength and collective power to its wearers. See below how the Astro Collection is more than just jewelry.
Who is the Astro Woman?
The “Astro Woman” is a woman of confidence. She is a wearer of the strong and colorful force of jewels that have been seasoned with modern flair. She wears the Astro Collection evoking a clear communication of the power, strength, and wisdom that she already holds. It is an accent to her refined and sophisticated style, and a symbol of guidance to her future days.
Designed with the Universe in Mind
“Our past is unchanged. Our future is undecided. The now is just beginning.”

The Astro Collection is here to remind us of all the universal beauty that is happening around us; even the beauty we cannot see with the human eye. It is very easy to get caught up in our busy lives but it is important to focus on the future in regards to our own self-care, self-worth, and self-improvement. Where do we go from here? It is up to us.  The universe is vast and the opportunities are numerous. We should never limit the possibilities of doing better for ourselves.

More Than Jewelry
The Astro Collection represents creating, implementing, and experiencing the future goals we have for ourselves. Nothing but the best for you: a bold look created by color blocking with black rhodium and radiant hand selected high quality rubies with 18k gold. Trendy, timeless and exclusive.


Entering into 2018, it is a time to reflect on this past year. With all learning and growing through the experiences that we have had, it now offers up an opportunity for change. The Astro Collection is meant for today. It is meant for tomorrow. And just like the universe, it was meant for ‘forever’.

Now it’s time to shop (and make some of your desires come true). And don’t hesitate to leave us comments about your dreams for next year!

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